Learning how to program a computer is an important skill for anyone, whether you plan to make a career out of it or not. Programs can solve a lot of interesting problems. If you’ve never programmed before, then you can learn using free tools – and one of the easiest intros is to try some tutorials for Javascript programming for beginners.

JavaScript is just a scripting language, so you can’t really use it for fully featured programs, but it is still useful. It can help you to learn how things like variables and IF statements work, and what things like loops are. From there, if you want to learn even more you can start exploring Python and other programming languages.

Javascript is useful because it will allow you to make browser add-ons that can make using your favorite sites more enjoyable. It is a good way to explore the benefits of programming, and it’s a ‘safe’ language to explore as well. You can even use it alongside HTML to make interactive websites. It’s hard to beat Javascript as a language for that sort of thing, and there are free tutorials online through sites like CodeCademy, so it’s really easy to learn!