Computers are a part of everyday life now, and it’s important that everyone understands how they work. Programming is a skilled job, and it is not something that everyone could or would want to become an expert in, but everyone can get a basic understanding of the ‘rules’ that computers operate by. Even learning how to use Javascript would be a really good idea for most people. There are free tutorials for Javascript programming for beginners and these tutorials will help you to learn the basics – from there you can learn other programming languages if you decide that you enjoy it.

Javascript is a part of many websites these days. If you learned HTML at school, then you know enough to create a basic, static website. However, if you want to have a sleek looking ‘interactive’ website then the front end should be Javascript. The back end can be anything you want – ASP, PHP, Perl, Ruby for example.

You might feel like you can get away with just using computers, but programming really is an important skill. Understanding HOW a computer works will make it easier to troubleshoot when things go wrong, for example.