Learning about JavaScript

Improve your Skills With Computers By Learning to Programming

If you want to add to your CV and make yourself more appealing to employers, then learning to program is a great idea. There are a lot of companies that offer tutorials for javascript programming for beginners – even some places that will teach you for free, such as CodeCademy! With these resources, you can pick up basics such as what a variable is, how loops work, and how IF statements work. From there, you can start building simple programs to accomplish common tasks.

It’s an amazing feeling, having a computer do whatever you tell it to. Computers are powerful tools, but they just follow a set of rules, and once you understand those rules you are in complete control. That’s something that’s fun to play with – and if you have a flair for it and a logical mind then it can be lucrative in terms of the job opportunities that will open up for you. One of my friends writes a blog called Fireside Chatts, and he says that since writing and coding his blog, he’s gotten 3 job offers – one as a writer and two to run company websites. Nice!

So, why not give it a go? All the tools that you need are available as free downloads, and the guides are freely available too. You can get started programming in Javascript within minutes, and have a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life!

Why Everyone Should Learn to Program

Computers are a part of everyday life now, and it’s important that everyone understands how they work. Programming is a skilled job, and it is not something that everyone could or would want to become an expert in, but everyone can get a basic understanding of the ‘rules’ that computers operate by. Even learning how to use Javascript would be a really good idea for most people. There are free tutorials for Javascript programming for beginners and these tutorials will help you to learn the basics – from there you can learn other programming languages if you decide that you enjoy it.

Javascript is a part of many websites these days. If you learned HTML at school, then you know enough to create a basic, static website. However, if you want to have a sleek looking ‘interactive’ website then the front end should be Javascript. The back end can be anything you want – ASP, PHP, Perl, Ruby for example.

You might feel like you can get away with just using computers, but programming really is an important skill. Understanding HOW a computer works will make it easier to troubleshoot when things go wrong, for example.

Getting Started With Programming

Learning how to program a computer is an important skill for anyone, whether you plan to make a career out of it or not. Programs can solve a lot of interesting problems. If you’ve never programmed before, then you can learn using free tools – and one of the easiest intros is to try some tutorials for Javascript programming for beginners.

JavaScript is just a scripting language, so you can’t really use it for fully featured programs, but it is still useful. It can help you to learn how things like variables and IF statements work, and what things like loops are. From there, if you want to learn even more you can start exploring Python and other programming languages.

Javascript is useful because it will allow you to make browser add-ons that can make using your favorite sites more enjoyable. It is a good way to explore the benefits of programming, and it’s a ‘safe’ language to explore as well. You can even use it alongside HTML to make interactive websites. It’s hard to beat Javascript as a language for that sort of thing, and there are free tutorials online through sites like CodeCademy, so it’s really easy to learn!

Hello and welcome!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Kim, and I’m a student at University of Phoenix. I am one of those people who tries to learn something new all the time. While I have mastered the art of social media and most things Internet, please do not ask me anything about programming languages. Javascript and all of the other ones are as foreign to me as French, German, Russian and every other language besides English. My roommate is in IT and she says that it is not very hard to learn, but I think that I will stick to focusing on things that I know about. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

So why this blog? There are online courses for beginners and I am being urged to take one. I am not sure why it is so important to her that I learn this in particular. I suppose she thinks that I should embrace this and try my best to stay ahead of the curve. I know that this is way over my head and I will leave that type of thing to the pros. On that same token, my nephew says that he wants to take a Javascript course. I will be a nice aunt and help him find a decent one. But anyway, I wanted to document my travels in the world of Javascript, and hopefully help anyone else on the same journey.

I am obsessed with technology, yet I do not know much about what makes it work. While things like sending an email and using social sites are easy, I want to learn something harder, like Javascript. I know many people who are adept at it, but none of them is really able to tell me enough about it that I could master it myself. This is why I am going to take a course and learn more. Since I am not sure about how anything works in that arena, I am going to take one that is well-suited for beginners.

The problem is finding a class that can teach me a great deal without me having to give them all of the money that I have in this world. I have looked at a few of the community centers in my area, but none of them has a class like that. I am going to look around on the Internet to see what I can find. If I cannot find one, I am going to ask around to see if one of my friends has any information that will lead me in the right direction.